Car service / Quick service / Tyre service

We offer full service and repairs for all makes of passenger cars, including utility vehicles up to 5 tonnes.

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Advertising activity

The company has expanded its operations into the field of advertising based on motorsport. The company offers to its partners the space to promote themselves.

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Providing relaxation and residential services at Vila Valéria in Terchová.

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Car service / Quick service / Tyre service

We are committed to high quality work, professionalism, accountability, ethics, and impartiality.

Transportprojekt’s new specialised service garage, doing business as “TP Autoservis”, offers repairs, maintenance, and service for a variety of automobile types. All work is performed by experienced technicians. As huge motorsport enthusiasts, we also specialise in repairs, service, and preparation of specialised vehicles for motocross and drifting. We are equipped for diagnostics and repairs, including precision service operations.

At Transportprojekt, we strive to create a motivational work environment for our technicians so they are able to provide you with reliable, professional services to your satisfaction.

We aim to become an in-demand service garage that can provide a wide range of services to motorists.

Advertising activity

We provide our partners with a space for promotion through a BMW M3 (E46 GTR) racing car adapted for drift during races organized abroad as well as in Slovakia  (Note: Drifting is the youngest motorcycle discipline, riding cars in a side scroll).

*** We ended up our 2018 drift season by attending 10 races. The last race of the season at the Masaryk Circuit in Brno was also the final race of the championship Czech Drift Series (CDS) which carried the name the Transportproject Drift Challenge. During the year 2018, we  could participate in 4 of 6 races organized by CDS.  In the PRO category, Gabriel Koczkáš was placed on 8 within the total number of 42 classified drivers.

With the car of the BMW M3 E46 GTR, we participated in 3 from 5 races of the NuerburgRingDrift Cup in Germany. The final race of The Big Final 2018, which co-organized the CDS ended up for our team with great success. As one of the two Slovaks that took part in this race, Gabriel Koczkáš, won prize for 3. Place within the last NuerburgRingDrift Cup race and the prize for 1st place (from 34 competitors) in the CDS Championship race. 

This year, we also took part in austrian circuit Greinbach, which has a stable place in the calendar of the King of Europe. The Hungarian district of RábocsiRing is a popular place for both Drifters and their supporters and the venue of the Hungarian championship Killincsele Elore. In the PRO category  was Gabriel Koczkáš ranked 29th . 

*** During the 2017 drift season,  our company successfully finished 9 races of the Czech championship Westlake Drift Challenge and the Polish Drift Masters Grand Prix. Already for the fourth time with Gabriel Koczkáš and our drifter special BMW with a compressor.

*** In 2016,  we have undergone 14 drifting competitions in 5 championships in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Poland and Germany.

Participating in 7 of the 9 Czech Drift Series championship, Gabriel Koczkáš was ranked 4th in the ranking of the PRO category riders.

One of the most demanding championships in terms of performance drifters, but also claims to the skill of riders themselves is the Polish Drift Masters GP. We participated in it for the first time and we took the 14th place in two of the five races.

HungaroRing's technically demanding Hungarian ranges, and Rábocsiring, were the venue for two Hungarian championships. We took part in 3 races. But for technical problems and collision, we have not been successful here.

As part of the King of Europe Championship, as a part of the King of Nations drifting World Championship, we took part only in racing in Greinbach, Austria.

*** During the Seasons 2014-2015, we took part in 24 races mainly organized in abroad but few in Slovakia, too.

In 2015: 4 races in the Czech Republic, 4 races in the European Championship KOE Pro Series (as an individual), 2 races in Slovakia.

In 2014: 6 races in Slovakia, 1 race in the Czech Republic, 7 races in the European Championship KOE Pro Series - unofficial European Drifting Championship (as a member of Drift Team Slovakia we placed in 4th place).

The Czech Drift Series, the Czech Drift Series, and the results achieved (10th place out of 37 qualified CDS riders and 24th place of 159 KOE Pro Series riders), the desire to compete and succeed in rich competition for the best year. 

*** In r. 2012 and in r. 2013 we actively contributed to support the development of drifting in Slovakia as a general partner of the 4th and 5th year of the Slovak Republic Championship in Drifting organized under the title Transportprojekt King of Drift Slovakia.

In 2013, Transportprojekt riders, bearing the name of Transportprojekt and advertising partners, won 1st and 9th place among 28 competitors in the Slovak Republic Championships and the title of the Slovak Champion.

For those motorists who already had the opportunity to experience adrenaline and the pleasure of drifting, it is not necessary to add that drift is about the speed of cars and the ability of riders to handle demanding ride at a great speed, especially in turns. (for more information see  here  )


Another activity of Transportprojekt is providing relaxation and residential services at Vila Valéria in Terchová.

The holiday cottage Vila Valéria is located in the picturesque Malá Fatra National Park and in the village Terchová.  It provides an ideal conditions for private parties, and guests who can appreciate the functional urban planning and architectural design of the entire complex. Thanks to comfortable accommodation, relaxing atmosphere and modern design, Vila Valéria is a good place for family celebrations, meetings with friends or business partners... just for fun together  with a barbecue in the gazebo or roasting on the fire, whether for a long weekend or weekly stays.

Vila Valéria property is the place for relaxation for year-round and it also offers enjoyment of sport and the participation in cultural activities. For more info clik here 

About us

Transportprojekt s.r.o.

Company Transportprojekt s.r.o. (established in 2008)  its activy as a design, engineering and consulting firm to provide comprehensive architectural services for the preparation and management of projects in the groundwater, hydraulic engineering and transport infrastructure (Notes: Quit this services since September 2018)

In 2010, the company expanded its presence in the field of advertising-based on motorsport through racing car BMW M3 E46 modified for drifting. Under the company's head of Transportprojekt we and our partners are successfully presented by participating of amateur driver Gabriel Koczkáš in European dimension events.

Another activity of our company is providing relax-residence services at VILA VALÉRIA, located in the picturesque surroundings of the village Terchová in the Mala Fatra National Park. The object is suitable for renting as closed company that can appreciate the functional, urbanistic-architectural solution of the entire campus and discretion.

In the 2019 was opened Transportprojekt’s new specialised service garage doing business as “TP Autoservis”. It offers routine repairs, maintenance, and service for a variety of automobile types. All work is performed by experienced technicians. We are equipped for diagnostics and repairs, including precision service operations.

The aim of company Transportprojekt is to develope all directions of our enterprise.




Head office and correspondence address:

Transportprojekt s.r.o. 
Prokopova 24 
851 01 Bratislava 5, Slovak Republic

Company incorporated in the Commercial Register held at the District Court Bratislava I, section: Sro, Insert:  55204/B 

Company no: 44 482 094 , VAT no: SK2022706323 

Rental properties

Transportprojekt - executive manager